Terms of service

General Terms:
1. Our order completed time max 5 minutes to 60 min (If Admin Online).
2. Our buy-sell and exchange rate is too low.
3. You can mail us easily from contact Admin: [[email protected]]
4. Due payment of any transaction is not possible.
5. Sometimes we stop receiving some currency for to much reserve or low balance in our account.

Tkpei Exchange Currency Issue:

E-Currency Exchange:
1. Engaging in online gambling, money laundering, terrorist activities or any such criminal activity by using our services is strictly prohibited. Tkpei.COM authorities will not be responsible in any way if you use this service for crimes. Legal action may also be taken if necessary.

2. Always send money dollars to the account on the updated number provided on our website. Otherwise, we will not take responsibility if money or dollars are lost.

3. It is requested to make Buy OR Sell Order by rounding the amount of BDT or money even if USD or dollar amount is a little less or more. For example, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 TK Amount must have zero or zero at the end. Otherwise the respective gateway fee if applicable and Rs 10 service charge will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded. If you send dollars without round figures, the payment will be made by reducing the round figures.

4. Can't rush when ordering and can't rush payment after ordering. This often results in wrong orders being submitted and payments being made to wrong addresses. So check your order 2-3 times and submit without rushing the admin for payment.

5. If you submit the wrong number or account in the order, it is entirely your responsibility. In that case we will not make a second payment. We will not cancel and resend you, which in many cases exceeds the transfer limit. But if we get your funds back, then as per the rules of the respective gateway, you will be re-sent automatically if our account is in good condition. In this case we must knock after a certain period.

6. Prices are subject to change at any time. So check the updated price while ordering.

7. Do not send dollars directly from the client's account and do not deal with third parties. Dollar money must be sent from your account to your hand.

8. All transaction charges are to be borne by you.

9. Skrill/Payoneer dollars only for those who buy. If you order with a Skrill account that is rejected/suspended at the time of ordering and if the dollar does not go to your account when we send the dollar, then the remaining money will be refunded after deducting a fee of 250 rupees. And in case of buying Skrill dollars, the send money fee has to be borne by the customer.

10. We are not obliged to complete the order by maintaining the serial all the time. Bed review is not acceptable if the order is received late service when the admin is offline or there is any special notice.

11. If the site gives wrong calculation due to technical problem, we will calculate it manually and send you the correct amount.

12. Money/Dollar return policy is not acceptable after ordering.

13. Order Cancel / Change Fee 100 Taka

Refund Policy:
1. All payments and purchases are services rendered and non-refundable and non-reversible.
2. If we approve some refund, there will be $1+5% minimum and $10+9% maximum refund fee on total amount.
3. By filling any dispute by any means against our service you directly abuse our term and conditions and we will legally in position to take possible action against you.
4. All charge backs or reversed transactions made on your payments will lead to an immediate account, service or payment suspension.
5. Any kind of approved refund due to any reason can only be claimed with in 30 days of service request, if your refund approved, it can take 10 to 180 days for payment which depends on nature of refund.

Liability disclaimer:
2. The Contractor shall have the right to refuse to sign the agreement and accomplish the application without explanation.
2. This paragraph shall apply with respect to any client.